Perfect smiles that keep on giving.

Every time one of our customers purchases an impression kit to straighten their teeth, we’ll be donating one oral health kit to a vulnerable community. The kits provide individual children with vital oral care products like sustainable toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Our initial goal is to donate 20,000 kits to the foundation’s ongoing projects—so when our customers take their first step towards a perfect smile, they’ll also be planting the seeds for 20,000 healthier smiles.

Will you join us?

Partnering with Humble Smile Foundation

600 million children worldwide suffer from preventable diseases like tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene and limited access to dental health professionals. It's a staggering figure and that's why we're proudly partnering with Humble Smile Foundation.

As a group of dental and development professionals, they are leading the charge to promote children’s oral health. They have already implemented holistic and bespoke projects in communities across 37 countries where oral care needs are high.  

Learn a bit more about Humble Smile Foundation and how we are supporting their mission here.

World Smile Day.

We're launching the partnership in celebration of World Smile Day.

Launched 20 years ago, the day celebrates something just we should all do every day—smiling. It has since become a day dedicated to performing acts of kindness and goodwill in communities across the world.

Help us to make an impact this World Smile Day and every day. When you take the first step towards a perfect smile you’ll be delivering healthier smiles to children in need worldwide.

The story behind the partnership.

We asked our team what we should be doing differently and they responded overwhelmingly with one request: push harder for social impact. 

Learn more from our CEO about how our team in Berlin made this partnership a reality.

What our people have to say about HSF

Jonas Diezun - CEO and Founder

"I'm very excited to be launching this impactful partnership with a standout organisation like Humble Smile Foundation. We want to send a clear message to our customers that fostering positive social impact is deeply woven in our company's fabric."

Marija Kose - Head of Talent

"Partnerships like these help to highlight the rich and honest values our employees have here at Franksmile. The initiative came from within the company and we couldn't be more excited to be partnering with Humble Smile Foundation to put these values into action."

Vivien Bresson - CMO

"Our campaign slogan—perfect smiles that keep on giving—nicely sums up what this partnership sets out to do. We are not only delivering healthy and beautiful smiles to our customers, but are planting the seeds for 20,000 healthier smiles too."