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In 99% of cases proper treatment cannot occur without moving both sets of teeth. It's about how they work together, not how they work seperately.

If somebody were to look closely then they would see your clear aligners but most of the time they will go unnoticed. Whilst our aligners are not invisible, they are considerably less noticeable than metal braces and we've worked hard to ensure they are as clear as possible. This is an effective treatment and wearing our aligners on your teeth every day will be worth it for the end results.


No, it's really important to note that your teeth and jaw are still in motion at this age so an aligner is not a good idea for you just yet.

If your dentist has recommended removing your wisdom teeth then you cannot be treated. If you've already had your wisdom teeth removed then you should consult your dentist before trying our Impression Kit.

This tends to vary from person to person (some people have really stubborn teeth) but we generally expect to see results from the very first aligner onwards. Guiding your teeth from their current position to a new one is a gradual process so you will see progress throughout.

No, but your treatment is in good hands! At Franksmile we assign a licensed and qualified orthodontist to your case and they will create your bespoke treatment plan from your impressions. Our aim is to offer you the highest level of care, with the least messing around. If you encounter any problems, your orthodontist can support you directly.

Aligners do cause a little discomfort and you'll probably notice a little soreness as your teeth are slowly guided from their current position, into their new one. This is totally normal and is just proof that the process is working.

Well, the truth is that great results do take a little time. Your unique treatment plan will take an average of 6-7 months to complete.

Of course, but you need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours everyday. We recommend that you remove them before eating and drinking and ensure your teeth are clean before putting them back in!

If you have one of the following conditions, you might not be eligible for clear aligner treatment: dental implants, missing teeth, unfilled cavities, swollen or inflamed gums, osteoporosis, permanent retainers. Before starting treatment, all of our clients must have visited a dentist in the last 6 months to certify the health conditions necessary to be eligible.

Impression Kit

Yes, low quality photos (too dark, too blurry or heavy flash) will not help our dedicated team of orthodontists to diagnose and treat your case. If the photos don't show your teeth, gums and gumline in detail they'll be rejected - we've provided detailed instructions for this in the Impression Kit!

Yes, so we ask everyone to read the instructions carefully - impressions are not hard to complete but if you're not paying attention you could make a mistake. We cannot use impressions if they don't capture the position and shape of your teeth in detail, if they are too shallow not showing the line where your teeth meet your gums or if your teeth scrape against the side of the tray. Your impressions are incredibly important as our orthodontists will use them to design your aligners and prepare your treatment plan. Without a good impression, we can't help you to achieve your goals! The good news is, we've given really clear instructions - please take the time to read them and complete your impressions without distraction.

Don't worry, we've thought of everything! You'll get a pre-paid return box and label included in the Impression Kit. Carefully place your impressions in the box and just bring it to your nearest DHL station. You can find your nearest DHL Service Point here.

Everything you need to measure the current position of your teeth, ready for our excellent team of orthodontists to prepare your treatment plan. You'll find instructions, dental trays and putty to make the impressions, alongside a mouth opener for stretching out your smile and taking pictures of teeth. You'll also find a nice pair of gloves for your hands.

We can't wait for you to get started either, so you'll receive your treatment plan just two weeks after your photos and Impression Kit are returned.


Yes, you can - we are continuously working on fixing smiles of everyone worldwide. Find us in these countries:


Yes, you can pay over 12 months for £125 per month.

You can get started with our Impression Kit for £49. Our orthodontists need this to create your customised treatment plan (so it's essential!). If you like your treatment plan after consulting with our expert team then the next step is to purchase your aligners. The total treatment costs £1499 which is around 65% cheaper than standard metal braces.