My customer experience with Franksmile

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Franksmile - my customer story.

Hi, I’m a 54 year old working mum from the UK and I’m now on my 6th set of 20 clear braces from my 10-month treatment course with Franksmile.

Why did I choose Franksmile?

Admittedly, I was initially very nervous  about using an online company to correct the uneven and gappy teeth which I've had since my teens. Unable to have braces as a teenager, I’ve always been self conscious of my smile and hated having photos taken. A friend had heard of Franksmile and I liked the idea, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

Did I use an impression kit or visit one of our Franksmile’s Studios?

Living a while outside of London, I decided to opt to do my dental impressions remotely rather than visit one of Franksmile’s Studios. A very professional looking box arrived to my house with fully detailed instructions on how to make your teeth moulds. I found it helpful to have someone with me during this stage as it's quite time pressured and you need help taking several photos of your teeth.

The customer service from the company has been great, they called me initially to ensure that I had received the kit and when I called them with a query about forwarding the images taken they were really helpful. Once completed there was a prepaid envelope and box to return the moulds in. 

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What did I think of my personalised treatment plan?

I received my treatment plan back from my assigned dentist, Dr Salma. I required moderate to strong correction so my plan clearly detailed a comprehensive 10-month plan with clear braces to be changed every 2 weeks. I was especially impressed by the before/after simulation they had created of my teeth and started to get excited about finally having a straighter smile. Franksmile are always available if you have any queries and it was great to be able to talk to someone about whether or not the treatment was right for me. After discussing my queries and concerns with them on the phone, I agreed to the treatment and the aligners all arrived in one simple box to my home.

How have I been finding the clear braces? 

When I first start with a new set of invisible aligners it takes a day or two for my mouth to adjust and it can feel quite tight on your teeth. I’m now 12 weeks into the treatment and haven’t felt any pain in months - it actually feels strange not wearing them. 

Initially, it can be quite tricky removing the aligners when you eat but I found using a blunt wooden nail sticks helps (although I know Franksmile advise not to use anything). This has also been a blessing in disguise, cutting down my mindless snacking habits! 

Wearing the aligners does also require some organisation particularly when you're out for dinner to ensure you are wearing them for the required 22 hours a day.

How have I found the overall treatment process?

You can really feel the movement in your teeth as the treatment progresses and so far the process has been really smooth. It really suits my busy lifestyle not to have to keep attending the orthodontist and I love the fact that you get all the aligners at once. I have even been on a 3-week holiday in the time I have had the aligners and it was no inconvenience at all. 

Can you share some progress photos with us?

Of course, I have been taking photographs of my teeth throughout my treatment to monitor the difference and it looks really promising so far! Remember I am only 6 sets in!

I cannot wait to see the end results and to be able to smile with more confidence. I have already recommended Franksmile’s treatment to lots of friends and family and will continue to do so, it just seems to work. 

UPDATE - I've just moved onto my 9th set of aligners (week 18) and here is my progress photo. Everything is straightening out nicely!

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