Invisible aligners. Visible confidence.

Confidence comes from within. And also from wearing our truly invisible aligners.


Beautiful straight teeth with affordable invisible aligners

Franksmile’s orthodontists bring the art and science of a brilliant smile right to your doorstep for a fraction of the cost. No expensive office visits. No unexpected lab fees. Ever.



Straighten your teeth without any unnecessary costs

Franksmile has reinvented orthodontic treatment to provide you with the state-of-the-art customised aligners for a smileworthy price


Book a free scan and be on your way to a perfect smile!

You can also book a 20 minute appointment (in London or Manchester) to get a free 3D scan of your teeth to find out how our invisible aligners can transform your smile in as little as 6 months.


Pricing Options

We offer two easy ways to pay – either way, it’s 65% less expensive than other alternatives.

Financed Pay

We offer a convenient 12-month payment plan, with no interest or down payment.

  • £125/m
    Total Amount: £1499 (0.0% APR)

Single Pay

Don’t like monthly charges? Get the best price in one payment.

  • £1499


Customer Reviews

Sharon (26) - London

Excelent service

"I was worried how it would all work out but I am on my 4th set of braces and it's all going perfectly. Would highly recommend this service to a friend"

Jamie (30) - Birmingham

I don't even notice I'm wearing the aligners!

“The customer service was excelent they really listened to my needs and took their time to get everything just right for me. Thank you so much. ”

Simon (32) - Manchester

Everything has been brilliant so far

“The service has been great, the staff have been very friendly and seem to be very well informed, and the aligners arrived quickly and safely.”


How much does it cost?

The Impression Kit costs £49 and allows us to determine your eligibility. Each treatment plan is unique and starts as low as £1499 when paying up front (up to 65% less than other products). This also includes a free set of retainers for use after your treatment is complete.

How do the aligners work?

Our treatment plans are personalised and designed for you by Franksmile’s affiliated orthodontists. The treatment works by making slight adjustments to the positioning of your teeth by using a set of top and bottom aligners. Start with your initial set of aligners and follow your personalised timeline to successively progress onto the next set - each is included in your individual treatment plan.

Is Franksmile for me?

Our aligners deliver the best results when used for mild to moderate teeth correction. This includes treating spacing, unbalanced bites, rotations and crowding. After you complete your impressions, our team of orthodontists will determine the best treatment plan. If we are unable to medically treat your case, a full refund will be processed.

Can I refund my evaluation?

All of our treatment plans are designed and customized for each unique smile. However, sometimes it may be possible that candidates are not suitable for our clear aligners. If we are unable to medically treat you, we provide a full refund on your impression kit purchase. You simply have to visit our website after learning about your eligibility to have this processed.

Get the smile you’ve always wanted